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There is no parking for cars and bikes in front of the house!

Please use the public transport. If you travel to Basel by train please use Tram Nr. 2 until final destination "Kronenplatz". If you already in the region use Tram Nr. 10/17 until Station "Binningen Schloss". By Bus Nr. 64/61 you also travel to station "Kronenplatz". From the German Train Station you travel by Tram Nr. 2 until final destination "Kronenpaltz".  


If you arrive by car, please park at parking „Schlossgasse“.

Drive into the car park „Schlosspark“. weg1
The driveway is easy to overlook - pay attention to oncoming traffic. weg2
After leaving the parking garage on foot - turn right and follow the path. weg3
Turn right here and weg4
go to the castle and follow the path. weg5
At the end, turn left into Parkstrasse. weg6
After 100 meters turn right into Brückenstrasse. weg7
On the right you will see a playground after 50m - go on! weg8
After another 40m you reach the Oberwilerstrasse. Be careful about the crosswalk. House No. 20 is the LEbrickGO Museum. weg9